Mindy J. Sotelo

My family has been in San Benito County for many generations.  I love our county and want to honor our rich heritage and rural beauty.  Now is a pivotal time for us to develop a collaborative strategy for the future.  I am ready to make the tough decisions and will always put our community first.

For the past 15 years, I have been the Executive Director of the San Benito County Farm Bureau. Working closely and frequently with the Supervisors and County Staff on many issues. I take great pride in my ability to bring people of different views together, to work for a common goal.

I believe now is the time to develop plans to work with other local, regional, state, and federal agencies to maximize opportunities for our County.

My husband and I as the parents of three children take great pride in giving back to the community. I have served on the following boards: Hollister Little League, Emmaus House, Baler Backers Athletic Organization, and I served as District 3 Parks and Rec Commissioner in 2018 and 2019

Graduate of Cal State Monterey Bay with a B.A. in communications.
I humbly ask for your vote.


Issues of Importance


Update the general plan to deal with growth for the future of our community. We need to have a strategic plan so that we can ensure the growth of our county, is what is desired by its citizens. Make sure we have the infrastructure in place and a vision for what the citizens of our county would like to see. Important that this process is inclusive and transparent. Currently we are lopsided with all housing growth, and we need to get balanced with infrastructure to support all the housing growth as well as we need growth in services and industry. Support of growth while maintaining our rich history and agricultural heritage. With a general plan update we can tackle where we want housing growth. Address the needs of affordable housing, homelessness, recreation, and parks as well as identifying what types of industry we would like to attract to our county. This will give our county a cohesive and strategic plan for the future.


Strong leadership is needed at the top. There is a need to have true advocacy for the constituents and the county employees. How can we create an environment of trust, appreciation, and hard work? I believe we must make tough decisions, get employees put in place, review work-load, make sure we are paying fairly, have good working conditions and environments and separate some department duties. Ensure that our constituents and employees are being heard. Increase our expectations and stop accepting mediocrity. We all deserve better.


Work with local leaders and have a united voice about the needs of our community. Work closely with State and Federal representatives to ensure we are taking full advantage of all funding available. We need to have a seat and the table and optimize our chances of bringing in funding and programs to our county.


Plans to increase revenue. Must have a diversified source of potential revenue sources without having to raise taxes for our citizens. Look at options to develop our tourism industry, wine, golf, Hollister Hills, potential movie set locations, strategically placed businesses, and turbo charging stations. Maximize our opportunities of people traveling through the county, whether they are on the road to Pinnacles or driving toward the coast. We need to do a better job with county promotions for all things.

Public Health and Safety

Develop a community-based solutions to prioritize the health and safety of our community. How need to work on how to do this….need to speak with law enforcement, mental health and youth services people.