Mindy J. Sotelo

Executive Director, San Benito County Farm Bureau


Mindy for County Supervisor 2022


San Benito County leaders can and must do better, I am running to be your county Supervisor because I believe it is time for a change in leadership.

Our ROADS, INFRASTURUCTURE, GROWTH, SERVICES, PUBLIC SAFETY, PLANNING & REVENUE- must be improved. With real leadership I am sure we can do better.


I believe we must increase our expectations. I know I can make the tough decisions to create a work environment that serves the public and creates a place of trust. A full review is needed to be sure we have qualified employees who are paid fairly. We must no longer accept mediocrity, we all deserve better.


Our county is at a crossroads. The county GENERAL PLAN must be updated immediately. Our traffic and transporation plan is not adequate to support where we are going. My plan is to create a group of Business, Agriculture and Community leaders to work on a long-term vision of a 2040 plan. The voters passed measure G last year, yet we are all still stuck in traffic. We must be at the regional table with not only Santa Clara County but also Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. This can be accomplished working with our State and Federal Leaders.


The priorities of our current spending need a strong review. The county must review current income and be sure that we maximize our funds with Federal and State programs. We must explore Tourism as a source of income. We are the home of a National Park and a California Mission. We have measure G and many natural resources that can generate revenue. I know we can do better.


My plan is to work with the PUBLIC SAFETY leaders to ensure our community is a safe place for us and our Children. We must be safe from Fire and Crime.

As a lifelong resident and mother of three, I want to leave the county a better place.